Yoe Liem & Inggrid

2013-06-29 - Plaza Bapindo

Lina, We are speechless. You guys from Eugene & Friends are super outstanding. Not only us but also our parents very satisfied with you guys. Again makasih banget yah. Semua lancar

Robby & Selvy

2013-06-01 - JW Marriot

Thank you banget loh ci buat semuanya, semua ga akan work well without your team ci. Bener-bener professional banget, udah jadi ratu sehari, gak mikirin apa2, sampe hal-hal yang kecil pun beres sama team ci lina. Sekali lagi thank you ya Eugene & Friends

Hanson & Winda

2013-05-26 - Hyatt Hotel

Ci Lina, makasih banyak yah telah membantu dalam proses wedding aku sama Hanson. Sampai papi dan mami pada muji-muji team WO Ci Lina.. Maaf ya ci Lina kalau sampe ada kekurangan dan kalu-kalau kita berbuat salah.

Ryan & Amelia

2013-05-05 - Plaza UOB

Thank you very very very very much for my wonderful & successful wedding day.

Niky & Magdalena

2013-01-28 - Mulia Hotel

Thank you so much yah ci for making our big day so very special & awesome. Two thumbs up for you & Team. Love you

William & Pamella

2013-01-27 - Untar

Lina thank you so much yah to you and your team for making my big day so great. Welldone Eugene and Friends Team. Khususnya buat Okki yang udah nemenin aku seharian, hehehehe. Sampein salamku yah. Thanks Ci Lina thanks for everything yah. Thanks to Eugene & Friends team. Seneng banget kemaren semuanya lancar. Servicenya luar biasa memuaskan.

Alex & Wenny

2013-01-20 - Ritz Pasific Place

Thank you so much ya. Acaranya Oke, lancar semuanya. Berkat WO nya nih, Superman semua, hehehe

Yongky & Tessa

2012-12-15 - Mulia Hotel

Good Afternoon ci Lina. We want to personally thank you and your whole team for the support. The party went on very well, beyond expectation

Burhan & Syeni

2012-12-09 - Ritz Pasific Place

Thank you, ini dapet salam dari keluarga besar. Katanya WO-nya bagus banget, disservice abis-abisan, jadi ga enak hati :p

Johan & Christy

2012-12-02 - Intercontinental Hotel

Lina, sorry I know its your tepar day. I just wanna say thank you. You did a brilliant job and I really really appreciate it. Hebat and so organized.

Randy & Margaretha

2012-12-01 - Shangri-La Hotel

Ci thank you banget yah kemarin. Kita happy banget kemarin cici jadi WO Kita. Mama papa dan Mami papi juga seneng banget sama Eugene. Care Sekali. All the best buat Eugene & Friends Thank you for your great work again and professionalism. Tadi aku ngobrol sama mama dan kita bener-bener tentram pas hari H karena Team Lina yang sangat organized and professional. Thanks untuk photo-photo bunga papannya ya. Again, excellent work. Ntar klo my single friends get married pasti aku highly recommend your service .

William & Michelle

2012-11-25 - Shangri-La Hotel

You and your team are very professional, helpful and comforting and that what we need. You?re amazing Wedding Organizer we could ever ask for. Love and blessing always form, William & Michelle

Reza & Heddy

2012-11-18 - Bali Room Kempinski

My families have no complain what so ever in regards to your job performance lin. So, I would say u have credited both professionalism and friendship in the same time. Well done. Truly, it been a great experience working with you, Lina and the team. BIG THANKS Thank you for you and your team , goodwork, everything went well. You did an amazing job, our wedding just perfect because of you and your team Aline Tjia (Mama Heddy) Lina tante sampe lupa, thanks you buat kamu dan team. Tante dan om puas dengan cara kerja kamu. Thank you ya. Baru inget hari ini nih karena masih cape and sibuk

Aditya & Teza

2012-11-10 - The Hall Senci

Thanks God semua lancar, thanks untuk bantuan ci Lina dan Team WO. Okki, Angel, Moniq, dll really helpful dan menghandle semuanya. Setiap ada pertanyaan pasti akan segera di follow up. Thanks a lot. My mom and mom in law juga say thanks you untuk ci lina dan team

Tavip & Yeyen

2012-10-27 - Mulia Hotel

You have a good team, very conscientious and professional.

Chris & Tamara

2012-10-20 - Suncity Grand Ballroom

Ci Lina, Thanks for you teamworks, We had a nice party ever. Everyone said it too, I just like a queen so did my husband. Hehehe. Dunno how many times to say thanks, but you & team did really good work. Thanks again ci

Antoni & Mellyza

2012-10-07 - Bali Room Kemspinki

Lina, thank you so much for yesterday. Evertything went smoothly with your help. Kalau gak ada bantuan Lina, gak tau deh, berantakan kali. Hehehe. Highly recommended.

Rudy Tanzil & Cisca

2012-10-06 - Four Season Hotel

Thanks to Lina and the whole crew. Very highly professional and run team. Every family were treated as a king and queen. We couldn?t enjoy the day without your help. Abundant thanks again and many success for you

Andrew & Christine

2012-09-29 - Ritz Pasific Place

Lina, thanks a lot for all the help ya. Dari preparation sampai wedding day, semuanya mantap ! walaupun banyak rintangan yang kita hadapi, tapi in the end semuanya berjalan mulus! Mantap! Cant imagine if ga ada kamu and the team

Haryanto & Viana

2012-09-23 - Hyatt Hotel

Hai Lin. Want to say and your team did a great job. Salut sama kekompakan dan profesionalismenya.

Ricky & Putri

2012-09-08 - Intercontinental Hotel

Thanks ya Lina for making the ceremonies and party to be very smooth and fun at the same time. Your team is so helpful that even santa clause would hire your team to be his little helper. Have the best of luck for future to come and thank you again

Ricko & Christina

2012-08-30 - Mulia Hotel

Dearest Lina, im extremely thankful to God for letting me to meet you. You team totally Rock!! Please know that everyone involved with our marriage will never forget you and your team. You and your team are the simply helper ever Anyway, thanks a lot ya Lin for everything. Pada banyak yang muji your work and WO Team. No Doubt, why they?re so satisfy and call u as a recommended WO and Thanks God, I had choose the right one for my special moment in my life.

Febbry & Nita (Tante Ros)

2012-07-07 - Ritz Carlton

Lina, Thanks berat ya atas bantuan Lina and team, sehingga pesta pernikahan anak tante sukses dan berjalan sesuai rencana, thanks atas bantuan Lina Eugene and Friends, Kalau ga ada Lina and Team, ga tau gimana, Biar Tuhan yang bales semua jerih payah Lina and Friends ya, GBU all

Henry Theos & Inge

2012-06-24 - Ritz Kuningan

You definitely need rest Lin. Me and Inge yang cumin 1 day aja udah gempor2ran. Apalagi kamu yang 2 days straight. Thank you so much for everything. Dunno how we could do it without Lin, Thank you so much for your help. It was awesome. Liana Tjahyadi (Mama Inge) Terima kasih atas kerja sama kamu kemarin dan team kamu kompak dan bagus coordinator dan kerja samanya.

Christiandy & Stephanie Sudrata

2012-06-23 - Mulia Hotel

Ci Lina, Thank you so much for your great Job at our wedding. It was very neat and well done, Thank you for making our special day run smoothly, definitely will recommend you to our friends and family

Budi & Greta

2012-06-02 - Shangrila Hotel

Thank you very very much ya for making Budi and my day?s a blast. Cant imagine it without your help. Happy anniversary too ya. We are a very satisfied customer.

Ariel & Sylvia

2012-05-27 - Mulia Hotel

Lina, thank you for everything ya. Thanks for the great team work. Really appreciate for the kindness and hard work of your team. You made my two days easier. Will recommended you to other brides / groom to be. Thank you Lina and Eugene and Friends

Fernando & Vera

2012-05-12 - Bali Room Kempinski

Lin, Waktu itu lupa say thank you lagi abis pesta. Thanks yaaaa. My mom juga bilang lu oke banget loh. Hihihihi

Reagan & Christine

2012-04-21 - Mulia Hotel

Just wanna say big thanks to you & your crews. You Guys ROCK!!! Or in simple word, AWESOME!! Both of our families were very greatful to have Eugene & Friends as our superb Team work, very solid, detail oriented & Well Organised (in 100 tables seating dinner). Your friendliness & warmness are superb!! Fells like we have our own personal assistant, HAHAHAHA, which calm our nervousdown in most stressful day in our life. To conclude : Rating 10/10 Amazing

Arice & Angelina

2012-02-12 - On Five Hyatt

Thank you for making our dream day perfect, not only you?re proficient but amazingly personable. It?s a blessing to have had you as our Wedding Organizer

Richard & Karin (testimoninal dari papa Karin dan Richard)

2012-01-15 - Ritz Pasific Place

Lina, Daya tertib organisasi, efisiensi dan efektivitas pelaksanaan Lina sangat mengagumkan. Thanks to you, Pernikahan Karin & Richard dapat berjalan dengan lancar dan penuh sukses. With our best wishes, Wira dan Santi

David & Peggy

2012-01-09 - Ritz Pasific Place

My family is very satisfied with your team. I told my friend Jessica, must must use Lina. Super Bagus. Honestly ya, outta all vendors : I`m the most satisfied, 1 sama kalian

David & Peggy

9 January 2012 - Ritz Pasific Place

My family is very satisfied with your team. I told my friend Jessica, must must use Lina. Super Bagus. Honestly ya, outta all vendors : I`m the most satisfied, 1 sama kalian

David & Peggy

9 January 2012 - Ritz Pasific Place

My family is very satisfied with your team. I told my friend Jessica, must must use Lina. Super Bagus. Honestly ya, outta all vendors : I`m the most satisfied, 1 sama kalian

David & Peggy

9 January 2012 - Ritz Pasific Place

My family is very satisfied with your team. I told my friend Jessica, must must use Lina. Super Bagus. Honestly ya, outta all vendors : I`m the most satisfied, 1 sama kalian